Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa
Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa
Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa
Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa
Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa
Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa
Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa
Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa

Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa


Size 7
A stunning antique or vintage ring made of 14k gold over sterling silver, with a gorgeous natural 3ct Amethyst. It is beautiful, with some signs of wear and age. It is a very well made piece of exquisite detail, and is still in very good, wearable condition.


For your serious consideration is a very, very special vessel, a Ring of Power which is not to be taken lightly

This beautiful piece possesses the full and complete embodiment of the Reincarnative Djinn, Mephixa, and all of her immense Power. As a true Reincarnative Djinn, she is an extraordinarily rare Djinn to keep, with Powers unique to this rare, very special type of Djinn. Her universal Powers are that of the Highest nature; the Power to alter, reverse, and design space/time to create your own reincarnation. Mephixa excels at manifesting very specific wishes of Reincarnation, going backwards in time. Her precise time jumping and astral travel powers pull the threads of reality to undo what had already been woven, and create the tapestry of life that you wish for and desire.

Through her universal Power and the elite Magickal Metaphysics of this very special, rare piece, you will design a new incarnation for yourself, a new world, through the Power of your own wishes and Energies of Intention.

Using your own Intentional Energy, it is amplified and transmutated by Mephixa, generating massive amounts of pure Reincarnative Energy. The Intentional Energy is channeled into this vessel, amplified, and transferred to Mephixa, transforming into the necessary Reincarnative Energy to manifest the incarnation of your ultimate design.

This is a cumulative process that occurs within to prepare your Spiritual Matrix, soul, and life force for this ultimate travel, as time travel / reset and rebirth are very complex things that require commitment and massive amounts of Energy.

Mephixa will grant all of your wishes to transform your existence through time travel and space/time manipulation, to create your new incarnation of your wishes.

With some Djinn, they require that you summon them and then release them after you make your wish. This can often lead to the keeper feeling awkward, and your Djinn irritated. Djinn that require summoning & dismissal, who return back to their realm once a wish is made, may not always be there for moments of opportunity or protection, which then, in turn, may pass you by; and, depending on the circumstance, may not be a good thing.

Mephixa's Power, however, is completely and fully universal; she can exist within all dimensions and planes at once, so there is no need to verbally or telepathically summon or release her. In both your current incarnation and in your next, she will be there to help you, guide you, protect you in your everyday life in your still current incarnation and next, in matters aside from your wishes. For example, if there's an opportunity for your personal gain, progress, wisdom, or advancement, she will be there to see you through it.

Through the Reincarnative energy and the elite Metaphysical engineering infusion of this extraordinary Djinn- your intentions, your wishes, are converted into Reincarnative Energy, creating the necessary manipulations and alterations to space/time, to transform the fabric of reality and create a new world, the life of your dreams.

The key to Mephixa manifesting this using her Power is all in your level of intention in the wishes you make, the amount of focused Energy you channel. The stronger your intention, the greater amount of pure Energy you channel, the more power she has to transform you reincarnate.

Your wishes will create your new incarnation, fueled by your channeled Energy, your wishes.

Undo the fabric of reality, reverse time, manipulate and create an alternate reality by fragmenting & designing specific alterations to space/time. The massive amounts of energy concentrated all into the vessel will give Mephixa the fuel Energy to go back in time and recreate reality. Her Power and your Intentional Energy will go hand in hand, as the two work symbiotically to ho back in time to the date you wish, and manifest all wishes you have for your new incarnation, both personal and within the real world. Your wishes for your incarnation will be the real world.

Using the abundance of universal energies of which she has control of, she will take you back in time to whatever year, month, and even the date and time you wish, to Create the life you know that deep down, you were meant for. She can transport you into a new incarnation of any age, be it a newborn baby or an adult, you may wish to retain your previous knowledge and memories, or wish not retain your current incarnation memories/knowledge, the choice is completely as you wish.

She will give you the life you desire, manipulating and bending space/time to mold to your wishes. She will grant you even the very finest of specifics in your personal existence, to the grandest worldwide specifications you wish for.

If you wish to be reborn into a wealthy family, if you wish for changes to the world around you, society, culture, customs, traditions, even specifics such as clothing, your personality, your appearance, relationships, location, she will grant all wishes to make this your new reality, the incarnation of your absolute dreams.

Note, though, she will not create any changes that his against the laws and balance of ethics - for example, she will not do things such as create a culture enslavement, cause genocide, create a world that is cruel and violent, or things of that nature.

The next to possess this extraordinary item will be showered with all the riches, Power, grace, beauty, success, and both physical and spiritual changes they wish for. The unlimited opportunities for change are endless. It is all up to you & how you want your life to be.

Mephixa will be there for you always, loyal, to ensure your reincarnation is precisely as you wished, and can remain with you throughout many lifetimes if you wish

Take complete control of your destiny! This powerful tool is your key to a new life! Convert the knowledge from the hard lessons you've already learned, and be free from having to relearn them in your next incarnation

Once you commit to altering the past, your future will be exactly what you create! You will be the greatest artist of your existence, creating the greatest masterpiece of all time - your own life! Your new incarnation will allow You to experience positive paradigm shifts, changes to every aspect of your life, your existence, as you so wish. You can move forward and no longer be held back by hurts, trauma, depression, loss, bad karma, heartache, or struggles. There is no reason for having to repeat them! Set yourself free! You will have the Power to create the life you've always known you were meant for!

For those who have the deepest desires of reincarnation, life alteration and history change, I understand completely that these are very personal matters, as I have worked very closely with Reincarnative Djinn of the highest caliber and the clients who acquired them. It takes a very, very special Djinn to be able to perform such Magick. Altering space, time and history is something not every Djinn is equipped for. When we come across Djinn of this very rare nature, we hold onto them until someone serious reaches out to us in search of one, as this kind of Magick should not be toyed with by someone simply curious or exploring, but someone who is serious about it.

You will not have to recite a name or incantation hundreds of times, there will be no elaborate rituals you need to undertake, and you need not have any experience to become the spirit keeper of one of these rare Djinn, and I will explain both reasons why.

Firstly, I personally prepare each and every spirit vessel and Talisman, so that the client has as little to do as possible in terms of rituals. Depending upon the Talisman or Spirit, there are times where it is unavoidable and necessary, but I always try to have each completely ready for use. It is my personal and professional opinion that these matters are the responsibility of the experienced Metaphysical curator/spiritual caretaker, as, depending upon the entity or ritual, if not performed in just the right way, with the right intention and Energy, the results could potentially be catastrophic, dangerous, or result in failure. It is my personal and professional responsibility to ensure the safety and success of each and every client and Spirit have only the best experience possible, and that it is my responsibility, as a Master Conjurer, Spellcaster Witch, and Metaphysical Curatrix to take these steps upon myself for the safety, success, and happiness of each client and their union with their Spirit and/or Talisman.

Secondly, Djinn that have the Power and Capacity to manipulate and re-design space/time are highly, highly, highly in-tune, extremely psychically aware, and have an understanding of the universe and all things that surpasses that of any other Djinn orders I am aware of. These type of Djinn we refer to as Reincarnative Djinn.

The most important thing is your intention, that you have the intentional energy to do this, and your commitment to it - visualizing your reincarnated life, your altered existence. To facilitate Reincarnative Energy Amplification, intention is absolutely paramount to success. How best to create Intentional Energy? Meditation, intentional thought and focused visualization, playing your new life in your mind, imagining the details, things you will see, feel, hear, do, and accomplish.

If you are new to meditation, there is no need to worry or be intimidated at all. Meditation written by is an incredibly individualized experience, in which there is no single right or wrong way.

You are a focus of energy that creates a physical You and the world you inhabit. When you consciously focus, you come into rightful ownership of your power.

I have seen many get so caught up in step by steps, or distracted by their expectations of what they think they should be feeling or doing, and getting discouraged when they don’t experience what they think they should. Meditation is not something that is one-size-fits-all, it is not a cookie cutter experience, it is something which anyone can do, and the more you "practice” it, the deeper into meditation you’ll be able to go, and the more profound experiences you will have – it is inevitable!

The Act of meditation is the truest form of Feminine Energy; the truest form of Divine Feminine Expression there is - to simply Be, to enter the Stillness and Quiet of the Feminine Void; the place of Nothingness from which everything from Thought to Life comes.

I highly recommend you set aside some time regularly to Meditate, for Stillness, Contemplation, to Activate the Connectivity and Divine Feminine Energy within you. It will help you cultivate Awareness, and the Intentional Energy that will fuel your reincarnation.

You will be given an informative and exploratory guide to help you in meditation, and in being a spiritual caretaker. It will help you connect and bond with Mephixa, and translate your Thoughts, Wishes & Intentions into Reincarnative Energy.

The Time it takes to complete the Reincarnation preparation and soul-transfer your Life Force varies depending on the person, time, and your level of development when you begin. It is hard to say a precise time, as part of the preparation is acceptance and remission of both time and of your physical body. Depending on your Energetic Intention level, the specifications you have Wished for, the time, but most of all the amount of Reincarnative Energy above all, that is dedicated. Your intentions, your wishes, must be unfaltering, from within your core. Mephixa will cast the new framework, to Create the complex foundation from which to build your Reincarnated existence, and will map out all wishes for your new life, down to the most minute of details

To fully balance, align, and prepare your Spiritual Matrix & all of your Spiritual bodies for this travel requires absolute commitment. This is a massive, beyond life changing event, literally, so you must be prepared to build up your Life Force & Energy Field with your intentional Energy. Some people do not have the commitment when it comes to time travel and give up after just a week.

Please, bear in mind that this requires your entire life's existence to merge into a new one, rewriting history of not only yourself, but any & all other subsequent butterfly effects. Imagine all that you have done in your lifetime thus far, all the conversations, all the interactions, all the activity, relationships, encounters, from a simple text message to your relationship with your 1st boyfriend/girlfriend, every trip to the grocery store, every phone call, every class you've been in, all things need to be accounted for and rewritten, in addition to all wishes you have for your new incarnation.

It is impossible for most to truly comprehend just how massive an undertaking this is. Understand that it can take time. I assure you, if it is something you truly want, it is worth every minute of it. I just want to make sure you understand this is not an easy, simple task that will fully manifest within just a few weeks, it requires serious commitment, intention, persistence, and the deep, inner desire to do this, not just a passive "well that might be cool" idea, you must truly want it from within your core, strongly enough to generate the Energy needed to fuel this into manifestation.

To say your wishes could fully manifest within a few weeks is not necessarily mpossible, however, based on my personal opinion, I personally feel that a few days is not a realistic expectation, and I do not want you to expect it to happen so soon and feel discouraged, as The Magick involved in this is very complex - undoing the fabric of reality, reversing time, manipulating and creating an alternate reality by fragmenting & designing very specific alterations to space/time that involve not only yourself and those close to you, but society and culture, requires massive amounts of energy concentrated all into the vessel so that she can use that Energy to go back in time and recreate reality. It is a very monumental undertaking, and I just want to ensure you understand this. Although it is possible it could happen in just a few weeks, based on my personal experience, I would say it is not likely. It does require a lot of commitment, and a lot of energy, enough to fuel the changes you wish for.

In all my years of experience with Djinn growing up in a family that both kept and "fostered" Djinn, studying their Natures, experiencing their Manifestations of Power & Results, Communicating with them, as an adult having Djinn in my own personal Spirit Family, I have learned that if you treat Djinn with kindness, friendly Love, and Respect, instead of a piece of property, your Life will change drastically.

She will forever be your Powerful Companion of Blessings, your Guardian & Protector, keeping Negative Energies & Forces away, protecting you from dark energies and entities, ill will, bad luck, and people will dark or ulterior motives, banishing these dark forces from your Life, but most of all, she will be there forever to ensure your reincarnation is precisely as you want it to be, down to the smallest, tiniest, most minute of details you wish for and desire

If you are new to Space-Time Continuum travel, sleep with the Ring near your bedside. Soon Time and Space will no longer be obstacles, only Opportunities which Mephixa will swiftly work to rewrite and alter Space/Time to grant you Your new, glorious Life! She will Manifest All You Desire!

Mephixa does appreciate Offerings to show your Welcoming, Respect & Appreciation. You can designate a small area on your nightstand or bedroom dresser for her, and Give her Offerings that are especially meaningful to her, of both fire and smoke (candles, incense) to add even greater amplification of Energy, to take you back in time to the date you desire and manifest all wishes you have for your new incarnation, both personal and within the real world. Your Wishes for your incarnation will be the real world.

While in your current incarnation and in your next reincarnation, You will sometimes be able to hear Her, see Her, as orbs, streaks of light, or mist or smoke. You may catch the scent of rosemary or lavender on occasion. She will be with you always, now, and from the moment your next incarnation begins, and for as long as it takes to ensure every single wish you have made is both fulfilled and secure.

My connection & time with Mephixa has been unlike any I have ever had the fortune of knowing & connecting with. This has been in my own personal possession, and it is now time for another to experience the wonders of this Incredible Being. I have a very deep & personal connection to her, a Spiritual relationship that I only wish everyone could have the opportunity of experiencing. But there obviously can only be One person this goes to, and I know that the One she is looking for will find her.

When you first open this package, You may experience feelings of being lightheaded, dizzy, or sensory overload from the energy built up in the package. This should pass quickly. Place it near your bedside for the first week so it can bond quickly with your subconscious mind and dream states.

This opportunity is one which many will never come across within their lifetimes. You deserve to Live your Life to its fullest potential and more! The Time for One of you is Now to begin creating your incarnation! All that you want to be, do, see, attain, and accomplish can be yours in your next incarnation!

Greatness has never been achieved by idleness & contempt. With this Extraordinary, Powerful Djinn in your Life, you can make your Life, your Spiritual Journey, your very Existence as a Life Force all that you want it to be! Take your journey where ever you desire!

The Time for One of you is Now to begin Expanding your Horizons & Opening the Palatial Doors to Magickal Opportunities! All that you want to achieve in your Lifetime is at this very moment, at your fingertips, literally! What are you waiting for?

You will know if you are the One she is looking for. You will feel a Power coming from her. You will be drawn to her Vessel. You will find yourself thinking about her & Her Ring, your mind wandering to her.

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you stumbled upon this listing for a reason, this one listing out of the trillions of other web pages you could be on, right now, at this very moment. You found this listing & that reason may be because you are on the verge of something life changing. You are here for a reason, and that reason may be that you were called to be.

I hope that after your reincarnation, that our paths will cross again one day.