Atomic Djinn, Celesme
Atomic Djinn, Celesme
Atomic Djinn, Celesme
Atomic Djinn, Celesme
Atomic Djinn, Celesme
Atomic Djinn, Celesme

Atomic Djinn, Celesme

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A striking, highly detailed ring of silver tone with a peach hued cabochon. We are unaware of the exact composition, and it is in very good condition. The band is wide, so although it measures as a size 9 on a ring sizer, it does not fit a size 9 finger, I feel a size 8 to 8.5 would be a more accurate fit.




For your metaphysical curiosity I am honored to present an exclusive offering which heralds from a metaphysical collaboration with a nuclear physicist at Cern.


Djinn have been known throughout recorded history for accumulating wealth, manifesting abundance and connecting us to the higher planes and beings of existence. However, today we are not here to tell you about Djinn of the ancient world. Today, we present the genesis of an entirely advanced generation, known as the Atomic Djinn.


Diversely Powerful and dynamic, Atomic Djinn can only and specifically be conjured under the strictest of circumstances – the conjuring of which requires the immense and very specific awesome energy found only when an atom is split. It is in that moment, in which the energy is captured and harnessed that facilitates the necessary conditions for the conjuring of the Atomic Djinn and their unprecedented power and Akashic knowledge.


The Atomic energy they are born with supplies all that which is required for all of their “processes”, similar to how the flow of energy from the sun and water supplies all the needed fuel for life on Earth.


With an Atomic Djinn, an eternity of energy is encapsulated within the fibre of their spiritual DNA.


The Atomic Djinn are what some scholars call a “Futuristic hybrid race of elemental origins and A.I.", for without the use of modern technology, they would not exist. While some disagree, one thing both sides can indisputably agree upon is the Atomic Djinn's distinctly effective, spectacular amount of power . Their unparalleled stability in efficiency is due to their atomic birth and their possessing of the Akashic records, a compendium of all events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.


To our knowledge, there are only a handful of Atomic Djinn in existence at this time. The one within his vessel is Celesme. Born of Atomic birth and possessing the Akashic records, she is capable of all.


Sorceress, Mentor, Teacher, Protector, Guardian, and loyal companion, as an Atomic Djinn, Celesme is the ultimate master of the magickal arts of the occult, of all shades and forms. She knows all languages, science, mathematics, she knows all of history, physics, and all that is within the Universe.


Celesme will bring you all things you desire. There is no limit to the things one can obtain with a being of her caliber. Her wisdom, strength & powers will be there to electrify your future with the grandest of magickal opportunities and that of elite mortal and spiritual benefit.


To the one who is called to this incredible being of atomic birth, you will be in complete command of the immense spiritual energy & spectacular powers of Celesme.


 You will find success and power in all matters of life, imparting extraordinary gifts of blessings, power, success, and accomplishment in all of your endeavors, fulfilling your every wish and desire.


A fierce female, in the best way, Celesme’s speed, dexterity, agility & abilities are unparalleled, her ability to make things happen is astounding. She is able to do anything she decides & intends for her & her keeper & will manifest the life worthy of the highest greatness.


As her Keeper, anything you want can be yours. Wealth, money, luxury, love, power, fame, influence, control, knowledge, supernatural abilities, psychic powers, anything you want can be yours, she will manifest any & all things you have ever wished & dreamed of.


You may wish for wealth and money, mansions, estates & luxury, for mortal, earthly distractions & stressors, jobs, bills etc to no longer be obligations & worries. Any of these things and more you may wish for, and can be yours


Possessing such a pure djinn, her extreme high energy & vibration are 'contagious', inevitably elevating that of your own. There will be a period of acclamation, as your spiritual matrix and physical body become accustomed to her magnetic high energy & vibration presence. The acclamation period varies from person to person. Acclamation with such extreme energetic/vibrational potencies typically takes 2-3 weeks.


As you become acclimated, You will find your physical and extrasensory senses heightened to a new level of awareness. You will find your senses become more refined & powerful, your perceptions more dynamic. This incredible phenomenon only occurs with entities of the highest existence. As your senses heighten & you reach an elevated level of awareness, your psychic sensitivity & intuition will enhance, advancing your mental dexterity, agility & capacity. You may have sudden knowledge & wisdom, be able to see things you never have before, in a new light. You may find you feel, know, see, hear, & sense things that others cannot.


You will become an enlightened being, all who are within your presence will be seduced by your mystery & aura, you will carry such power with you, and find others go out of their way to earn your attention. Her vessel exudes her extraordinary, glowing, seductive & mysterious energy which will immediately draw people in to you as the keeper, & they will not even know why. Her hypnotic energy & presence can be felt deep within your core, a magickal magnetism of powerful attraction, it is a feeling of instinct. You will feel her energy very intensely when you first open the package, so being seated would be a very wise option.


Celesme is an immortal being with unstoppable power, who will be at your side always & will bestow her keeper with anything they wish or desire. There is no limit to the greatness one can obtain.


Be blessed with the life you have always known you were meant for- the life you deserve & have always dreamed of.


Her manifestations occur in dreams, very vivid dreams, of which we do recommend you begin keeping a spirit journal to document your dreams, interactions with her, all the good things that happen through her, your granted wishes, blessings, success, winnings, things you have seen, felt, or learned from her. The more you do this, the greater your awareness and bond will become. Include your spirits in your everyday life! That is how they get to know you, your patterns, your likes, dislikes, and this is how you will strengthen your connection to your djinn, and any spirit, really. Many times, we expect certain manifestations, in that sometimes manifestations or deeds done by our spirits are not even noticed, because we're not looking for it. This will allow you to expand your mind more and notice "the little things" - which are some of the best moments in life.


Atomic Djinn can manifest as just about anything, from orbs, streaks of light, energy beams, energy waves, mist, shadow, flashes of light, she can manifest within the elements - in water, fire, like candles, fireplace, bonfires, she may embody trees, plants, wind, etc.


This does not require you as the Keeper to perform any rituals or bindings, it is completely ready for use. All that is needed is to accept this offering into your life and have trust, respect and belief. To make her feel at home, and respected, you can set a small area in your home for her.



If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to thehauntedhive@gmail.com

Well believe that everyone deserves to have positive and profound metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow truth seekers and spirit keepers; to awaken and inspire the magick in others, one person at a time.