Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus
Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus

Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus


Measures approx. 5 1/4”H x 4 1/4”W
This is a beautiful, one of a kind artwork, called “Milagros Sacred Heart with Flame”, made by a skilled Artisan of traditional folk art based in Los Angeles, California. Completely made by hand, the wooden heart has been stained a deep dark red and adorned with antiqued gold charms, each representing wishes, prayers and thanks. There is a small hook on back for hanging.


For the serious Metaphysical collector, we present a truly irreplaceable piece – The Miracles of the Sacred Heart of Saint Donatus.

The magic of Saint Donatus is a rare one. Donatus was a miraculous man who dedicated his Gift from God to help others in need. He used his Magick often, but he never took the credit for it, he never gloated or tried to capitalize off of it with parlour tricks or anything like that. He is a pure miracle worker that helped hundreds of people and gave the Glory of all of his Miracles to God.

Donatus suffered some tough times in his life though to say the least. His childhood companion and fellow student Julian –who would later become Emperor Julian the Apostate, were educated as kids by a Christian priest named Pymenius (Pimenio). Fast forward to February 362, the then Emperor Julian promulgated an edict to guarantee freedom of religion, but in reality he was trying to restore Paganism at the expense of Christianity. Julian persecuted individual Christians, even Donatus’ own parents and their teacher Pymenius were killed.

Donatus could have sought revenge, he could have lost faith, his traumas could have made him lose his Faith and Trust in the Lord, but his Faith in God could not be broken, nor could his morality and character be swayed. He persevered and prospered in every sense of the word, and was clearly touched by God for his miraculous works. After escaping to Arezzo and working with a monk named Hilarian, preaching the Christian Faith, he performed true Miracles and was later ordained a Deacon and Priest, and was appointed a Bishop by Pope Julius I.

The Miracles he performed were many. He brought a woman back to life; gave sight back to a blind woman named Syriana; exorcised demons, including one that had been tormenting the son of the Roman prefect of Arezzo. During a Mass, at the moment a glass chalice was offered for Communion, between 75-100 non Christians entered the church (the exact number varies) shoved their way up and shattering the chalice in the commotion. Donatus did some quick, intense prayer, and proceeded to collect all of the fragments, joining them together save for one piece missing from the bottom of the cup. Miraculously, however, nothing spilled from the cup. Astounded, every single one of the Mass-crashing chalice smashes converted to Christianity.

One of his Miracles has been shrouded though. According to legend, Donatus fought and slew a dragon who had allegedly “poisoned a local well”. Donatus went to the well, and as public record goes, he either “whipped" the dragon or “spat" in its face and it was gone forever.

But, that's not the way things truly went down.

The Dragon was actually ill, suffering from an ancient sickness plagued upon dragons by the fearful and ignorant who refused to live peacefully. He was hiding in the well and was too ill to climb out of it. The whip Donatus had, he used not to harm the dragon, but Donatus prayed for God's Strength and Courage and used it to pull the Dragon out. He did not spit on the poor thing, but after Cleansing the water and Blessing it with the Grace of God, he sprinkled it upon the Dragon, and he was healed. The Dragon communicated to Donatus his Thanks, to which Donatus told him, “The Glory is God's, Thanks Be to God", and the Dragon found the Power of God in his Heart, declaring that God was Good.

By now, everyone was in awe, watching this miraculous event transpire, and all those who were not Christian immediately felt the Love, Compassion, and Selflessness of the Holy Spirit fill their bones and open their Hearts to God.

The Dragon’s Heart was recognized by God, and he was given the name Respyrio – The Fiery Breath of God – bestowing his Breath with the Power of Holy Fire, and he was forever protected by the Blood of Christ.

Respyrio used his Holy Fire to breathe Miracles and Blessings and Donatus continued spreading the Power and Glory of God through his words and Miracles, to better the lives of the people. Even after Donatus was martyred, he still has been called upon for his Divine help.

This piece holds the Sacred Heart Miracles of Saint Donatus, a Miraculous White Light Power that calls upon the Miraculous Magick of Saint Donatus to Grant your Miracles, Wishes, and Prayers. Each charm upon this work of art represents these Miracles, Wishes, and Prayers.

The Sacred Power of the White Light Miracles of Saint Donatus will embed into your life as Saint Donatus intercedes with his Miracles, which will weave into your real, everyday life. Any kinds of miracles that you need granted for you will be so, you can ask anything that you want of him, so long as it is of a White Light nature. This may be Wealth, it may be Love, Unity, or Purpose. You may need help with Trust, a Job, Relationships, Self Esteem, Faith, Self Identity, Family issues, Creativity, Motivation, Whatever is wrong in your life, this piece will right. Whatever is lacking, this piece will fill, as Saint Donatus grants any miracle you ask, allowing you to live in happiness.

This is the miracle of The Sacred Heart of Saint Donatus.

To use this piece, there is a simple little ritual, which I have made as simple as I possible could. You must hang it in the place close to you, where you spend the majority of your time consecutively. For most who are busy all day at work, school, driving, etc, the best place will likely be where you sleep. If you work from home, this may be by your desk, in your home office; stay at home moms this may be your living room or kitchen. Wherever you are in one place the most.

Now, once you have hung it, you'll need to light a white candle. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, it can be as simple as a tea light, but it absolutely must be white. Light the candle near where you have hung up the Sacred Heart of Saint Donatus, and recite the following prayer while rubbing the area of the head where the 3rd eye is.

Most Sacred of Hearts

Saint of Miracles White

Bless My Path With Your Power

Each Day and Each Night

All you have to do is recite this simple prayer, paying special attention to massage the area where your third eye exists, as this creates a connection between you and Saint Donatus so that he can align your true needs and desires to manifest in your real, everyday life.

You can recite this once a day or as many times per day as you wish, but you do not need to light a candle each time you recite it, only the very first time you use this.

This is the only piece there is, it is one of a kind. However, more can be created. They would not be physically identical, but the Artisan does make similar pieces, which I can then cast conjure and seal to make it Metaphysically identical.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time