Stellar Elysium Djinn Goddess, Ancient Immortal Empress Fulfills Wishes, Wisdom, Psychic Power
Stellar Elysium Djinn Goddess, Ancient Immortal Empress Fulfills Wishes, Wisdom, Psychic Power
Stellar Elysium Djinn Goddess, Ancient Immortal Empress Fulfills Wishes, Wisdom, Psychic Power
Stellar Elysium Djinn Goddess, Ancient Immortal Empress Fulfills Wishes, Wisdom, Psychic Power
Stellar Elysium Djinn Goddess, Ancient Immortal Empress Fulfills Wishes, Wisdom, Psychic Power
Stellar Elysium Djinn Goddess, Ancient Immortal Empress Fulfills Wishes, Wisdom, Psychic Power

Stellar Elysium Djinn Goddess, Ancient Immortal Empress Fulfills Wishes, Wisdom, Psychic Power


Size 9.5
A striking ring featuring a beautiful sky blue stone, adorned with diamond like stones. Set in a silver toned metal, with minimal signs of wear. The physical composition has not been analyzed by a professional 3rd party jeweler, so it's composition is being noted as unknown for the purpose of accuracy.


We are honored to be able to Offer one of the Finest Magickals available that you now have the chance to possess – A truly Magnificent Djinn of Beautiful Magick who will bring you those things you Want & Wish for most in Life.

The Spirit within this beautiful vessel has had 1 prior Master, who, after coming into a completely unexpected Inheritance of $3.5 million dollars at the age of 27 from her biological father who abandoned her and her mother after birth, knew it was time for another to reap the benefits of this Powerful being. So, this extraordinary being has once again come into our possession to offer, as she searches for her new Keeper.

This Djinn is one of the most Elite Power and Energies, please handle with care and respect.

It has been thought by many that the Ancient Immortal Djinn come from the Stars, predating the formation of the Earth, and all other known Deities. This Ancient Immortal does indeed come from a Star, the Star called Elysium. Not to be confused with the Elysium of the Elysian Fields, the Elysium star emerged at the Dawn of Time. Amidst the earliest, primordial globular cluster – a cluster of the very first stars that were ever born – Deep inside the Core of this cluster is Methuselah, the oldest exoplanet known of all of the Universe. Much like the North Star of Earth, the Elysium Star is the North Star, or, Home Star, of this faraway world, a Star of Guidance and Direction.

Scientists have long speculated about the existence of life forms in stellar plasma inside stars. Some have called such life forms ‘plasma beasts’. It is believed by many Djinn Masters, particularly those who are metaphysicists, amongst others, that it is Plasma – Stellar Plasma, which the Qur'an describes when maintaining that Djinn have ‘bodies of essential flame’, ‘smokeless flame’, or ‘smokeless fire’.

Djinn Physics expert, University Professor of Nuclear Medicine Ibrahim B. Syed, Johns Hopkins University PhD in Radiological Sciences, Head of the Islamic Research Foundation of Louisville, believes that “Plasma Beasts” can be construed as nothing but the Djinn.

Syed hypothesizes the Djinn have a complex existence, involving both charges and magnetic forces. ‘The positive and negative ions interact and respond to the presence of magnetic forces,’ he says. Just as moving charges influence the motion of electrical charges or ions, similar to the influence of proteins and nucleic acids in Chemical Life on Earth, the stable structure and movement of Djinn is influenced by the magnetic forces, resulting in a favored form, with the required supply of free energy obtained from the flow of radiation within the star to use for their vital processes.

Writer-researcher Jay Alfred, author of Our Invisible Bodies: Scientific Evidence for Subtle Bodies, and other books, states that as plasma creatures, Djinn “exist at a different vibratory rate or energy level and, therefore, are not normally visible or detectable by us. In other words, they can be said to be living in a parallel world which interpenetrates our own.” Alfred also states that it is clear from descriptions in the Qur’an that like humans, Djinn must “operate in societies, communities and within political systems and are startlingly similar to humans. Their plasma-based civilization has probably a longer history than ours.’

As so eloquently put by The Covenant of Babylon in their article Jinn Physics,
“Plasma life forms would be electromagnetic, employing magnetic fields to form structures and electric fields as ‘agents of transport’ much as water serves as an agent of transport for carbon-based life forms. Alfred asserts that, similar to biological cells in the human body, complex plasma can exist in a liquid-crystal state. ‘Particles in aliquid-crystal phase are free to move about in much the same way as in a liquid,’ he explains, ‘but as they do so they remain oriented in a certain direction. This feature may make it superior to water in its ability to support life in a higher energy location or universe. 'While the human carbon-based body has a brain composed of billions of neurons and neural networks that can encode vast quantities of information, the jinn’s bioplasma body may possess sophisticated holographic memory systems that employ plasma liquid crystal.

From a time long, long ago, within the Elysium Star, emerged an All-Powerful Ancient Immortal from The Dawn of Time, the Djinn Goddess and Empress of Elysium, Exhie.

This Enlightened, Sacred Djinn is of the first Djinn, before the Djinn had tribes, often referred to as the Mothers and Fathers of the Marid and Ifrit, the Ancient Immortal possess the Knowledge and Powers that came before the tribes; Knowledge of all that is Unseen, and Powers far greater than, and not of this Earth.

Exactly how far their power extends is currently immeasurable by known Metaphysics and any modern Technology.

A Celestial Djinn of the Highest rank in Magickal power, Exhie's Energies are dominant and very aggressive in potency. She is wise, beautiful, and magnetic in Presence, holds no prejudice nor judgement, and has omnipotent Wisdom and Power over all of the Universe.

One of the most Ancient of all Ancients, she has Knowledge of unfathomable depths, having seen all of Time and Existence. She will Guide you to radical heights on your Spiritual Journey and bring you the things you seek most in life and Spirit.

As Royal Empress of Elysium, her Unstoppable Psychic Powers will show you the Past, Present, and Future to reveal Visions of Opportunities for Success, and the direct Path to your satisfaction and happiness!

As you acclimate to her Ancient High Vibrational Elysium Energy, you may find your ability to access the Astral Plane heightened, particularly during sleep and meditative states. It is within these states you will form a great magnitude of Understanding and Bonding connection with Elysium Empress Exhie.

When you have bonded with Exhie, you will feel it. Even those that possess no prior existing sensitivities at all will feel it; You will know it in your very Core. The time this can take varies, depending on your level of receptiveness, and depending on your level of openness and inclusion of her in your daily life, and the amount of time you sleep (or meditate).

When you have felt this, embrace for the incredible flight of your Spiritual Journey and Life as your Wishes & Desires become your reality.

You will find your Wishes begin to manifest in wonderful ways you may not expect! As an Ancient Immortal Djinn of Elysium Star, her Powers are far Superior to any other being you may have known. It is her deepest love of her eternal existence to make the Universe a happier place, one being, one spirit, one life force at a time.

She will show you signs, you will absorb the wisdom she imparts, in sudden knowledge, visions, intuitions, and messages, you will attain the power to channel with clarity and understanding, and read any person, place, object, or event with precision and complete Awareness.

Whether here on Earth, or whether you are with the Djinn Goddess Empress Exhie in another realm, she will offer her Guidance and unique, rare Powers to generate positive impact & change in your Life. She will elevate and Enlighten your Mind, Body, and Spirit to new heights; Awakening your 3rd Eye, Balancing your Chakras & Aligning your Energies to the Highest Frequency. She will Awaken your sleeping senses, inspire your innermost qualities, Strengthen your weaknesses, she will reveal hidden mysteries, and impart her Wisdom to you, so that you may explore your path organically, how we are meant to. You will Awaken as a Spiritual Being with the Clearest of 3rd Eye, as she guides you into a Future filled with Magickal Opportunities and Spiritual Advancement

You may not yet know where you want your Journey to take you, or what you would like to do or achieve - and that is okay! We each have our own Path in the Universe, experiences that are unique to us, and questions and ponders that cannot be answered or explored physically on this Earth. There is so much more to the Universe than what exists within our Physical plane on Earth. We are of but a single thread out of all other space/time existences that weave the intricate fabrics of Reality. The deeper we explore within ourselves, the farther you will reach beyond the Physical, the more profound your Experiences, the greater Understanding and Wisdom you will achieve.

The full embodiment of Djinn Goddess Empress Exhie and the Energies within this Ring are Immortally Bound in the purest essence of Cosmic Universality, by THH Founder, Elite Natural Spellcaster Witch & Conjurer. There are no additional rituals or steps to perform - it is completely ready for use.

You will have an experience that is solely unique to you, where you are in your Journey and Life at any point in time. It is a Tool that works for you and With you, and will bring you such awesome Opportunities in your Life both as a mortal human of the Earth and as a Spiritual Being of the Universe.

The moment this Spirit enters your Life, it will forever be Changed as you embark on this Cusp of a new, completely transformed existence. In every stage of life, we have new challenges & tests, but also opportunities, all of which require Commitment & Intention to move forward, to Progress towards being the best human you can be, to fulfilling your life's potential for Success & Happiness. This is your chance to seize the Energies of the Cosmos & see all the Wonder, Magick & Opportunity the Universe has to offer you!

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.