“The Prophet of Wall Street" 33rd Degree Freemason 19th Century 4th Generation Cross Relic of Rewards
“The Prophet of Wall Street" 33rd Degree Freemason 19th Century 4th Generation Cross Relic of Rewards
“The Prophet of Wall Street" 33rd Degree Freemason 19th Century 4th Generation Cross Relic of Rewards
“The Prophet of Wall Street" 33rd Degree Freemason 19th Century 4th Generation Cross Relic of Rewards
“The Prophet of Wall Street" 33rd Degree Freemason 19th Century 4th Generation Cross Relic of Rewards

“The Prophet of Wall Street" 33rd Degree Freemason 19th Century 4th Generation Cross Relic of Rewards

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May we present an incredible amulet, an antique cross pendant dating to the early 1800's. The Cross may be even older than I know, and deserves to be cherished and treasured by the One who is Fortunate & Blessed enough to Keep it. It has not been cleaned for many moons, and shows signs of its great age & mystery. It is made of what we believe to be a mixed metal with a silver content, however its physical composition has not been analyzed by a professional 3rd party jeweler. This obviously has not been restored, to preserve its fantastic timeworn character. The natural patina to this is absolutely stunning, an unmistakable testament of the decades of personal use and daily wear. Measures about 2 inches.


“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap and that we receive our reward here upon earth” – W.D. Gann
“All natural laws teach and prove that we do get our reward on this earth. Job obeyed the law and got twice as much as he had while he was still on earth. There is nothing in the Bible that says these laws will not work today and I shall prove by the Bible that they do.” – W.D. Gann

For your consideration, we present a One of a kind piece of Metaphysical history, a treasured rarity of Museum Quality. A Powerful Investment for the Empowerment of your Spirit and the Rewarded Advancement of your Life's Future, I am proud to present a one of our Premiere items, which belonged to, and was used by one of the most mysterious and righteous stock traders in world history. Often referred to as the Prophet of Wall Street or the Market Oracle, predicting the market Highs, Lows, Panics, Crashes and such for the 20th Century with accuracy; he was a man of good heart who was Rewarded with what he sought most on Earth.

A 33rd Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite Order, a Genius of Legendary Knowledge and Wisdom, a man of morals who used his Rewards of Confidence and Sacred and Hidden Esoteric Knowledge to better himself as well as the lives of many others – the respected William Delbert Gann.

I want to be clear as to what you are getting here as this is a very important piece. When you receive this cross amulet, you will know, it is unlike any other you will own. There is only one like this. The price is high as it is most likely the only piece you shall need, if you are one who does not want it for negative or harmful intentions. There is no piece that will ever offer this exact Power. No where, no place will you ever get it but here.

Born in 1878 Texas as the 1st of 11 children in an impoverished cotton farming family, Gann neither graduated from grammar school nor attended high school, as he was needed at home to work on the farm. Raised a Baptist, his education mainly came from the Bible, which he used to learn to read, and in the cotton warehouses, where he learned about commodities trading.

It was within the cotton warehouses and at the auctions where he learned about the big, wide world of Opportunities that await him outside of Texas. It was there where Gann was exposed to people of many backgrounds, trades, and cultures, vastly different from his own. It was there he met those from textile companies, large and small; explosives manufacturers (as nitrocellulose, or “gun cotton” for explosives was made from raw cotton); celluloid manufacturers (made from the combination of nitrocellulose and camphor), as well as many smaller business owners. It was there, where he met many rich men, and the even richer men they worked for.

There was one of such men who came to one of the auctions, twice per year, every year, ever since Gann could remember. He was a wealthy man of a textiles company, a man from the Big City, a Freemason (though he didn't know it at the time) who had taken a liking to Gann as a hard working, self-learned, self-disciplined young lad. He always asked for Gann's assistance when he was in town, he was like an auction setting version of a caddy, arranging shipments, previewing stock, letting him know who else would be attending, any inside information about how the farms had fared over the past months, etc.

The man in turn would always teach him things he knew about commodities trading, business savvy, and their shared respect for the Bible. However, he helped Gann understand the Bible in a new light, teaching him how to read it in an entirely new light. He always tipped him very handsomely, so much so that it helped fund his Business schooling. He watched as Gann grew up, thinking of him as a protégé, or a son of sorts.

While Gann was working at a brokerage firm and about finished with Business school in Texarkana, the wealthy gave him this very cross. It was a personal relic of his, and was a gift he received from a man who was like a father to Him.

He gifted this cross to Gann, telling him to always keep it close, To know, that with it, he would never be alone, to never forget that “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap and receive his reward here upon earth”, that if he remained true to himself, it would bring him his reward here upon earth.

This became Gann's personal mantra he lived and worked by.

It was within the next few years after he received this amulet, this exact cross around the turn of the Century that his Life truly took off and he became the man that would become Legend. It was not until then that he learned the true Power of this cross, and the true meaning of the Wealthy man's words.

He started trading in 1902 when he was just 24, moving to New York City to work at a Wall Street brokerage firm only a year later. He developed his investment strategy as a broker, and soon opened his own brokerage firm, W.D. Gann & Company on 18th & Broadway. He truly flourished, his career skyrocketed, and had two daughters.

His involvements in the Freemasons began during that time, and when he reached the 14th Degree, you could imagine how pleasantly surprised he was to see the Wealthy man, whom he realized was a 33rd Degree Freemason. It was then he told him the Cross belonged to his mentor during his young days as a Mason, and belonged to his mentor before him. He told Gann he gave it to him, because he knew with everything in him, that Gann was meant to be its 4th Generation Holder.

It is imbued with the Energies of all the Freemasons in their Collective amassment of Virtuous Might and Charity. Blessings of the Eternal bond with this Elite Brotherhood are always with you. Abiding by the Sacred Law of Return, it contains the Divine Power of the Holy Fire of God; it is Power which Rewards those who have Worked for it, Power which Rewards you with that which you Seek and Need most.

whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap and receive his reward here upon Earth

For Gann, what he sought most was the Knowledge and Confidence to be Successful so that he may find his Reward here on Earth, and so that he may share it with others.

Even though Gann was thought by most to be religious, his experience as a Freemason made him deeply theologically explorative, and a true Master of his Craft. He was religious, but his Christian beliefs were not the “norm" in those days, and neither are they in our modern day. Most true Christians would consider his beliefs far too New Age. He believed in the Bible. He believed that God created everything and has a reason for everything. Thus he believed God created Magick, and had a purpose for it. He believed Magick could be used for good.

And that is exactly what Gann did.

He became a 33rd Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite Order, he earned exclusive access to such Knowledge and Secrets that are hidden from the masses. He used this Knowledge in a way that he could use it to his advantage, but never forgetting his humble roots, while also so that he may help his fellow man.

He developed an entirely original system utilizing his esoteric knowledge of Ancient mathematics, Sacred Geometry, planetary alignments/astronomy, astrology, and such Magick that has passed down to those that have Ascended to the 33rd degree from the Ancient Mystery Schools. His technical analysis methods like the Gann angles, and the Master Charts, such as the Square of Nine, the Hexagon Chart, the Circle of 360 etc, are so impressively designed, I am in awe at the level of coded complexity within them.

“What I especially love about Gann is that…if you’re prepared to put in the work, you begin to see the world in a completely different way. Things become clearer. The mysterious ways of the stock market start to make sense. But not only that. You actually start to see cycles repeating.” – Greg Canavan, Feature Editor at Money Morning, Crisis & Opportunity, The Rum Rebellion; Head of Research at Port Phillip Publishing

Nuclear physicist-turned Wall Street investment banker Asoka Selvarajah calls W.D. Gann:

“The greatest genius that the financial markets have ever seen… His achievements in this arena in every way match those of the greatest scientists of our century or any other.”

Bolstering Gann’s reputation as a master trader from a 1909 Ticker and Investment Digest article by Richard D. Wyckoff, a well-respected figure on Wall Street at the time, Wykoff's article describes Gann’s performance recorded by an independent observer:

“During the month of October, 1909, in twenty-five market days, W D Gann made, in the presence of our representative, two hundred and eighty-six transactions in various stocks, on both the long and short side of the market. Two hundred and sixty-four of these transactions resulted in profits; twenty-two in losses. The capital with which he operated was doubled ten times, so that at the end of the month he had one thousand percent of his original margin.”

A 91% success rate.

The journalist who spent time on the trading floor observing every trade Gann made over several weeks later wrote, “I once saw him take $130, and in less that one month run it up to over $12,000. He can compound money faster than any man I ever met.”

His Knowledge, Confidence, and Genius have inspired many for the past 125 years through his intense level of Understanding of himself, and the Universe. He expressed this Understanding and Confidence through his trading system, the classes he offered, and in the many articles and books he authored, helping thousands of people better themselves and their families in both life and Spirit.

Skeptics often say that because he “only" had a net worth of the equivalent of $1Million, he wasn't that successful or accurate. However, W.D. Gann took in more than $50 Million dollars in profits out of the markets, and had much more Wealth within his life than what was known simply as his estate to the public.

Gann had massive amounts of Wealth invested in Metaphysicals, pieces which he transmutated Material Wealth into, which are worth far, far more than their weight in Gold. His most valuable Talismans he gave to special people in his life, those who would use them to better themselves and the lives of others.

He donated much wealth, in the forms of the Talismans he created and gifted; by way of the technical analysis methods he taught, as well as donating cash money.

His teachings varied, he had different levels of Knowledge and Power within these methods. His most secretive, guarded methods were only taught to but a few students – those who applied for enrollment in his most exclusive classes, but not all who applied were granted Acceptance, he chose who was moral, ethical, and charitable.

The cash money he donated was frequent. He often gave to struggling families; if he saw a hardworking man trying to make an honest living for his family work 18 hours days, for example, he would go out of his way to help him. He would tip his newsboys handsomely, who were often not able to attend school so that they could work to provide for their families, just as he himself had. His barber, the butcher, seamstresses and tailors were never forgotten by Gann.

He wrote a number of books, between 11 to 13 to be exact – The Ancient Science of Numbers (1908) by Luo Clement and Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting (1937) by Louise McWhirter are strongly believed to have been written by W. D. Gann under alias names. For almost 50 years he wrote book after book, not merely for his own profit, but so that he may share his profit with others, and that others may learn from them, and benefit from them.

As he often wrote in his pseudo-autobiographical books, He firmly believed that “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap and that we receive our reward here upon earth". He wrote “the kingdom of heaven is within us and he believed it. If we kept our conscience clear and did unto others as we would like to have them do unto us, he believed we would find our heaven and our reward here upon earth”

Twenty-three years later, on page 21 of his book The Magic Word (1950), he expressed similar ideas:

“The Bible does not teach reward after death but promises reward or a reaping now while you are here on this earth. Jesus said, ‘As ye sow, also shall ye reap.’ He did not say ‘after death’ but here and now. Too many have preached that we should live a life of sacrifice here on earth and wait until after death to receive the reward. This is not what people want. They want something practical. They want to receive their reward here on earth. If they put forth the right effort, they want to know that they will receive the reward here on earth.”

William Delbert Gann did prove that with the right Effort, treating others with Respect and Dignity, and with Charity, that our reward here upon Earth can be found. The young boy who had to drop out of grammar school to support his family became a millionaire, a 33rd Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite, famed for his Genius and Generosity.

With this truly one of a kind Freemason relic, you too will receive your Reward here on Earth. You will be Rewarded with what you seek by your own Intentions, your own Effort, and what lies within your Heart.

The Divine Power of God's Holy Fire abides to The Sacred Law of Return – an Energetic and Karmic constant, regardless of one's religious Beliefs, or, the lack thereof. This means that If you have good intentions, if you have put in the work, and if you wish to be able to help others with your Blessings, then this incredible piece of history will bring those Rewards which you seek most.

The more you put in and give, the Greater your Rewards will be.

You will find an Abundance of Rewards come from receiving those which you Seek and Need most, as your own personal benefits will give you the opportunity to help others in return.

As WD Wann put forth the work and effort, the sacrifice to help others, and to better himself, this Cross relic brought him such Rewards of Knowledge and Confidence, which in turn brought him immense wealth. He used both his Direct reward of Knowledge and Confidence, and his indirect reward of Wealth to then help others. Although he passed over half a Century ago, his Rewards are still being shared the world over.

This is a piece unlike any other we have ever offered, and you will not find another anywhere else but here. What We are offering you here not only gives you the Key to putting all of your years of hard work, worry, struggle, and effort into motion, but it will manifest the results you have worked so hard for, but have never yet been able to fully achieve.

This Power releases energy which transforms and aligns your very being; elevating your entire Self and all of your Spiritual bodies. Your thoughts and mental activity will become clearer and your Intuitive ability greater. You will grow to develop a Confidence and a solid faith in your own self, in your decisions, and in all that you do.

With this cross always kept close to you, you shall never be alone. The One whom is called to this will always have the honoured ranks of the Elite Brotherhood with you. You will share in the Power of the Wisest of Wise, the Wealthiest of Wealthy, You will be endowed with the sheer Power of all that this cross holds, so that you may Grow and Become the Ultimate Master of your own Mind and your Life. This Power will surround you, as the Bearer of this irreplaceable, museum Quality relic of antiquity, with positivity, and help you attain higher Good, and Divine Success in what ever route you so wish to gain.

The Collective amassment of Virtuous Might and Charity of the Freemasons will shine down upon you, as you Reign your Life of Blessings and Triumph.

Such Divine Intervention will reap your Rewards, that is not of this Earth, but of the Infinite greatness of God.

It is important to keep this amulet close to you, and there are no rituals you must do to begin using it. Simply wear it, and continue living as you do, and you too will reap what you sow, and you will find your Reward.

Above all, your Intentions, Efforts, and Belief are the Pillars upon which the Power of this piece pivot. You must Believe in the Powers of this piece, as they work through you and what lies within your Heart.

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you are here for a reason. You found yourself here. Something brought you here, now. Every moment, every step, every choice has brought you here, at this exact moment in time.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.