The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive
The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive

The Seven Great Princes of Spirits | THH Exclusive

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Exquisite rings made of mixed metals, in brand new condition. Exact composition is unknown.


For the serious Metaphysical collector, we present an extraordinary piece of Metaphysical Mastery, created originally by a long time associate of ours, an Elite Magician, Sorcerer, and Witch Doctor, which gives you Coercion and Obedience of the Seven Great Princes of the Spirits as cited in the Apocryphal 7th Book of Moses. In the Vatican Faustian Manuel, Miracle and Magic Book, or The Black Raven, or also named The Threefold Coercion of Hell by Doctor Johannes Faust, they are the Seven Grand Dukes of the infernal regions.

Drawing the maximum benefit from the Seven Princes, this is a Metaphysical investment that will bring drastic changes in your life.

All have been coerced and bound so that they have to bring you whatever you desire: be it gold, silver, treasures large and small, money, and whatever else is available on Earth and Beyond.

“The Seven Great Princes of Spirits have among them some of the legions of Crown-spirits which were expelled from Heaven. The spirits will quickly bring your desires forward honestly, as if before your fellow-man, without fear, for nothing can harm you, much rather, all must serve you and yield Obedience and serve you according to your wishes”

With this Ring, you will have complete Authority over the Seven Great Princes of Spirits. It is imbued With each Prince's own Citation or Calling used to conjure him, his Coercion or Binding to make him obey you, and his Dismissal or License to Depart used to send him back peacefully. All of their Seals, Incantations, every step and form of Protection so that there are never any rituals or precautions needed on your part – as there would be without this incredible piece. This also will prevent them from harming or tricking you (or anyone around you, including pets).

“Do not compromise in any degree with the spirit for all this power, a word of might, which Moses, Aaron and Solomon used according to the revelations of God are sufficient to compel the spirits to reveal to you the treasures of the earth and sea, and to give them to you without harm and deception.”

This piece gives you the Power of “reading between the lines”, opening up access to Magickal Powers of an enormous potential and the energies that slumber deep within You. The Power of these Princes has thrust others before you into mass fame, supreme Wealth, and unrivaled Power. Control and Dominance have been attained by some of the world's top powers by using the EXACT same Magic"$*⁰k that has been programmed and cast into this very ring!

As Master of this piece, you will be able to coerce others and to have them be more obedient to you. With this, you will gain the upper hand in all circumstances with which you desire, as others will bend to your will.


One of the Angels who revolted against God, a Prince of the Watchers, he is a very prompt treasure spirit of the earth and of the sea. The Testament of Solomon has him as a friend who detects thieves who reveals hidden treasures. The Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba has him as a teacher of Witchcraft.

Ruler over all hidden treasures of the Earth, he has the power to open all treasures and give them to the person to whom he chooses, which is YOU. His planet is the Sun, and his paladin Carmielis is his servant. He can shapeshift any other form. He has many legions of spirits serving him. He is as fast as human thought.


A very serviceable spirit, who commands the lost treasures of the land and sea, and everything above and below the Earth. Many legions are under his command, many millions of spirits, and he is a ruler over the treasures of all gods. He is both an overseer of nature and the regulator of the underworld, believed to be a leader of the Virtue choir of angels; those who govern the order of the physical universe, watching over the sun, moon, stars, and all of the planets, including Earth. For this reason, Ariel is intimately involved in environmentalism. Ariel is said to be involved in guiding one into the realm of fairies and other elementals.


He delivers the treasures of the water and of the land, and assists in obtaining all secret knowledge and honors. He is a Spirit who is ready to serve, and is as fast as an arrow.


Ready to serve, he is willing to serve in all skilled arts, and gives the spiritus Servos, otherwise called "familiars." He brings treasures from the earth and from the deep very quickly.


He is a very accommodating Master of all arts and all Secret Knowledge, a great Master of all Treasure. He is a water Lord over the seas and over all waters, ruling over everything that lives in water. He is fast and I will give everything you ask.


A Prince of the water and mountain spirits and their treasures. He is amiable and wears a large crown of pearls. A great spirit Ruler over the affairs of law, who can make honor, riches, status, and a lot of luck. Many spirits have to obey him, and he takes pleasure in pleasing others.


Oversees honors among men, bestowing & conferring those of Great Wealth, according to wish, as his summoner commands.

Through this Ring & the Princes that claim it, you will hold the Ultimate Power of Freedom to Control and gain all you Desire.

With this Ring, you will have access to the Powers which have thrust many into mass idolization & Power. Many of the Rich & Famous, be they politicians, musicians or other celebrities, many which seem to have gotten rich, famous & idolized for no apparent rhyme or reason, have gained such Power & Influence through the very Powers which this Ring accesses.

We can all think of a celebrity that seems to just Dominate Creation & make the world their playground of control. This Ring holds Powers that can give you as the Master all the Success, Wealth, Control, & Power you want & more.

The one who becomes it’s Master has the Power to have everything you have ever wanted. Supreme Wealth, Power, Influence, Control, & the means to go anywhere you want, do whatever you want, whenever you want. The Doorways this Ring opens will give you All.

Only a few are given the opportunity in their lifetimes to rise above the obedient masses of humanity and truly wield the Power that awaits in this very ring.

Experience and Live the Power, Fame, Control, Beauty, Dominance, Presence, Wealth & Opportunities that this will bring you.

Power is your birthright. Magick is Magick, it is the end result of your innermost desires that deem it dark or not.

This Ring is meant to Arm yourself with the Power to create your path of true freedom, which is the ultimate power.

We create our own Reality. You will never come to realize your full Power & all that You can Obtain if you do not take action to make it happen. Power & Greatness are not achieved by idleness & contempt. Do you wish to continue on as you have been, passively allowing others to dictate & control your Life - from your wage, your time, money, thoughts & emotions - or are you ready to take Charge & Assert Control & Dominance, to Create the Reality YOU want? Many go their entire lives just waiting for Opportunities to find them, until the time comes when its too late, there are no more opportunities or options, and they realize they regret not taking action long ago.

Possessing such an extreme high energy piece, The Energy is so immense, we highly recommend being seated when opening the package.

There will be a period of acclamation, as your Spiritual Matrix and Physical Body become accustomed to the magnetic Energy and Power of this Piece. The acclamation period varies from person to person. Acclamation with such extreme energetic/vibrational potencies typically takes 2-3 weeks.

As you become acclimated, You will find your physical and Extrasensory senses heightened to a new level of Awareness. You will find your Senses become more refined & powerful, your perceptions more dynamic. This incredible phenomenon only occurs with Entities of the most Powerful existence.

As your senses heighten & you reach an elevated level of Awareness, your Psychic Sensitivity & Intuition will enhance, advancing your mental dexterity, agility & capacity. You may have sudden knowledge & wisdom, be able to see things you never have before, in a new light. You may find you feel, know, see, hear, & sense things that others cannot.

You will nmotice manifestations of the Seven Princes, often in the form of shadows, seeing something out of the corner of your eye, you may smell the aroma of firewood, hear sounds which cannot be identified. You may experience oddities with electronics at times.

All who are within your Presence will be Seduced by your Mystery & Aura, you will carry such Power with you, and find others go out of their way to earn but a glimpse, a tiny morsel of your attention. Your new, mysterious Energy will immediately draw people in to you as the Keeper, & they will not even know why.

Become an Unstoppable Power as Master of this mind blowing treasure. There is no limit to the Greatness one can obtain You will be far more Powerful & Intelligent, more Beautiful & Seductive & will Rise above the masses & be Respected & Admired by all.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to possess this rare item for yourself.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.