Third Eye Essence Collector
Third Eye Essence Collector
Third Eye Essence Collector
Third Eye Essence Collector
Third Eye Essence Collector
Third Eye Essence Collector

Third Eye Essence Collector


Size 10.5
A highly unusual ring made of what we believe to be a very high silver content and hundreds of years old. There are of course signs of age as one would expect, however it has been very well cared for all this time.


By now most of you have noticed that we use the word Magick, instead of Magic. The earliest use of the word “magick” that I’ve come across is that of Heinreich Cornelius Agrippa, the 16th century physician, occultist and philosopher of the famous 8work, The Three Books on Occult Philosophy. Aleister Crowley revived the K spelling of Magick in his book Magick In Theory and Practice, defining it as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will", to explicitly distinguish it from the showy, slight of hand stage illusions of "Magic".

While we certainly are not the spelling police by any means, there is purpose and esoteric meaning within the simple act of adding the letter K. K is the eleventh letter of several alphabets, and eleven is the principal number of magick, it corresponds to the power or shakti aspect of creative energy, for k is the ancient Egyptian khu, the magickal power. It stands for kteis (vagina), the complement to the wand (or phallus), the embodiment of the Feminine and Masculine, which is the basis for many works across just about every form of magickal practice that has ever existed. 11 can be seen as 2 numerologically, which is also one of the primary numbers of magick, being the number of, again Masculine and Feminine, Duality, polarity and balance, Yin and Yang, Goddess and God, light and dark, creation and destruction. All of magickal creation is embedded within it.

We spell magick this way to keep its meaning special, sacred, for true magick is just that.

This piece comes from a man who was unequivocally impressive with blending both magic and Magick. When I say unequivocally impressive, I mean just that. Most people who knew him for his stage magic referred to him simply as the Magician, and as far as anyone really knew, he never settled in one place. He would wander from town to town, village to village, to offer his services. For always being on the road, he was always surprisingly well put together. His clothes were very fine and always clean, his hands and nails always well kept and soft, never dirty, and he always carried the scent of cedar with him. He definitely was not what one would expect of travelling Magician back then. You'd expect at the very least some roughness around the edges, but not in his case! He looked like a million bucks, and was never bragadocious about it either.

He did magic tricks that would blow your mind - not your typical slight of hand type of tricks like making a rabbit appear out of a hat, or card/coin tricks, but stuff that I cannot even explain. Very rarely am I ever impressed with stage magic, but his incorporates true Magick, which, if you're familiar with this rare kind of Magician, you'll know that their displays are a window into their innermost workings, and are out of this world to witness. You see, he had a portal to summon the Ancient Spirits whom he worked with in exchange for his supernatural and psychic abilities.

This is not the portal piece, that sold a couple years ago to someone perfectly Destined for it. This, however, offers something much different, and entirely one of its kind in its power.

These displays were meant to draw in the more deeply curious behind the curtain for the full, uninhibited Magick he had to offer, where, some would come to him looking for deeper types of magick- such as to help them find love, to keep their partner faithful, to become rich, some wanted to know their future, to obtain knowledge, beauty, success. But there is a twist- those who wish to partake in his Magick must pay a price. Those who agreed to this did not know what the price would be, or when it must be paid. The Ancient Spirits would determine what that price was, and when it would be paid. The whole idea of "get what you want now and pay for it later" didn't bother many, and some thought it was all mumbo jumbo, which enticed them into partaking in it.

The price that was paid varied from person to person, which had to do with the portal piece. However, there was one common denominator that all paid at the time of the exchange or pact which is directly, intimately bound to this piece you see here. All who partook in this magick gave part of their Spiritual Energy to the Magickian - more specifically, this vessel. This was a very specific facet of their spiritual matrix, deeper and more powerful than any other - the Third Eye Essence. This is the code within their 3rd eye, the immortal blueprint of the completely activated mind, the mind map that is directly connected to God, and the key to that map, as He is the one that placed the block on the Third Eye Essence on all of humanity on the day Adam and Eve screwed up what they had going on un the Garden of Eden. This is much more than a map and key though, that analogy doesn't do it justice, it is more like the GPS control system – the satellites, software, the whole kit and caboodle.

Now, this did not strip away their third eye Essence from them. Each person still has their 3rd Eye and their dormant, latent potential just as they did before – however, there is an inseverable bond between this Sacred Essence and this vessel, the Power from which feeds into and is stored within this piece we are offering you.

So the more who participate in this magick, the more "prices paid" - the more power it collects. It is a vessel that is wealthy, & its currency is the Third Eye Essence. It is what grows its power.

Possessing the Activated Third Eye Essence of just your own self – try to think about how Powerful that really is. Just beginning to awaken this essence is an incredibly profound, powerful moment, which we call a Spiritual Awakening. That moment alone often completely changes one's life for the better, as it reconnects you with your True self, who you are as a Spiritual being. This moment alone stirs up a level of self understanding and cosmic reintegration that many spend years in search of, some even lifetimes.

Now, imagine having your entire latent, dormant mind unlocked, all the possibilities of Magick you can create, the Healing that occurs on every aspect of every level, the Knowledge of such things you didn't even know you didn't know because your mind could not even comprehend the mere concept of such things before.

But that is still but one drop of water in all the Seven Seas. Now, multiply this by the Third Eye Essence for approximately 7,000 people, which are forever bound to this piece. It is of a magnitude difficult to really wrap your head around.

The Magickian chose the Third Eye Essence, for it is of the wisdom that only the greatest adepts have ever possessed, the abilities that eradicate all things unwanted and birth all things you can imagine.

This has been tested extensively under a battery of forms for a long time. I have to maintain a level of security, but I can say that the results were incredible all around.

As time passes, there may come a day where you find you no longer need this anymore, as all that one absorbs, all that is gained, all that is learned, given, capable and felt are yours forever.

My personal experiences with astral travel have become absolutely holographic, in real time, the past, and past lives, and both my travels and dreams have become equally as sensory sensitive. I can hear birds singing as I feel the crisp air dance through my hair, I can smell the warm, salty night air of Siesta Key as I look upon my 5 year old self walking along the Gulf shore; excitement sparkling within me like the moonlit sand under my feet, with every crackle and beep of the metal detector as we search for buried treasure, while keeping an rye out for Jaws too of course. I can feel the radiant heat of the sundrenched sands of Egypt, and the abrupt relief as I step into the same pyramidal shadow as the countless faces I see from centuries past, I can taste the sweet yet bitter tonic given to me from the delicate hands of Cleopatra, and understand every word she says in the Ancient tongues I have never learned.

It is because of this collected Power, that I was able to travel back and witness the Magickian in action myself.

Although I would love to keep this piece for myself, I have already gained so much, learned so much, and had some of the most profound Spiritual experiences of my life, and these are things that I get to keep forever. I cannot say what will happen to you, as, When you buy this piece, your experience will be entirely unique to you, and all that you gain will also remain with you forever.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.