Underground Illuminati Assassin Vampire Vessel of Dr. Romina, Prodigious Ancient Dark Arts Immortals of Sacred Royal Bloodline
Underground Illuminati Assassin Vampire Vessel of Dr. Romina, Prodigious Ancient Dark Arts Immortals of Sacred Royal Bloodline
Underground Illuminati Assassin Vampire Vessel of Dr. Romina, Prodigious Ancient Dark Arts Immortals of Sacred Royal Bloodline
Underground Illuminati Assassin Vampire Vessel of Dr. Romina, Prodigious Ancient Dark Arts Immortals of Sacred Royal Bloodline
Underground Illuminati Assassin Vampire Vessel of Dr. Romina, Prodigious Ancient Dark Arts Immortals of Sacred Royal Bloodline
Underground Illuminati Assassin Vampire Vessel of Dr. Romina, Prodigious Ancient Dark Arts Immortals of Sacred Royal Bloodline

Underground Illuminati Assassin Vampire Vessel of Dr. Romina, Prodigious Ancient Dark Arts Immortals of Sacred Royal Bloodline

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This exquisite Amulet is crafted in the form of the Ancient Egyptian Symbol of the Ankh. Loved and used heavily for an unknown number of years, the amulet has timeworn imperfections and oxidation, with much wear to the hieroglyphs, giving this Amulet such genuine and unique character!

There are no hallmarks of its maker or composition – there are no indicator markings at all. The exact age, origin, and composition are a mystery. It is a gorgeous silver color overall with some flecks of gold and a warm bronze/coppery color.

We have not attempted to clean or restore this, as these decisions can be vary from person to person.

Although there is much wear, this is still in Very Fine wearable condition.

Up for your consideration is a very special piece of Elite Dark Magick from a particularly spectacular Underground Auction, one in which we won several incredible relics from the elusive Dr. Romina of the Assassins of the Illuminati.

This Underground exclusive was actually crafted, held, and used by Dr. Romina herself for over 20 years. She was a Prominent, Powerful and obsessively secretive woman a hauntingly beautiful Priestess of Satan and Sorceress of the Dark Arts.

Dr. Romina was by far, one of, if not the most experienced Woman of the Dark Occult that the world has ever seen. Her expertise and devotion earned her Power, Respect, Supreme Wealth, and All she ever desired in life, and she was successful in always keeping her Dark Magickal gains completely hidden from prying, unwanted eyes.

Dr. Romina's accomplishments with this vessel within the Illuminati Assassins made major headway in their plans of a New World Order. Such is why this has been kept out of the public's hands, hidden from their eyes, muted from their ears for so long.

She was a Woman who had the Heart of the Beast, who had a particular spiritual obsession with twins. She was bold and unafraid, sexual, professional and wise, and spent her lifetime studying and mastering her Craft.

Her Advanced Rituals of Operation and Ancient Practices manifested some of the World's Rarest and most Powerfully Diverse metaphysical creations that humankind has ever seen.

It was moons ago that Dr. Romina performed her most Elite of All rituals, a culmination of her work with the Immortal, in which this very piece served as the focal vessel, forging the rarest Immortal containment that the world has ever seen.

This is the Original relic of Dr. Romina's. It absolutely cannot be replicated or duplicated in any way.

We cannot and will not divulge the exact involvements of this Elite Ritual, as this is a Ritual that many have attempted with catastrophic failure, and we do not want our words to lead to potential harm.

There were no shortcuts were taken in this Elaborate Ritual, which took a full 12 nights of intensive labor, beginning with a rare cosmic Alignment that was also corresponding to a Blood Moon, Dr. Romina summoned, conjured, and invoked, with a bound consecration through a sacrifice of Blood, Twin Ancient Immortals of Power, Masu and Eshe.

These twins are so rarely reached, only those who have possessed only the Greatest of all Magickal Ability; the most Accomplished Elite Masters of Dark Arts throughout History; have ever made contact with the Twins. As far as I know - from what the Auction house informed me of - less than 5 people throughout all of history have made contact with Masu and Eshe.

These Royal Twin Immortals are of an extraordinarily rare Sacred Royal Blood, born to a Powerful Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and Elite High Priestess. The brother (Masu) and Sister (Eshe) are the only ones of their Secret Bloodline, their true father’s identity withheld from all for their Protection against potential adversaries.

Naturally, with such richly powerful blood, they were taught all the secrets of the Ancient Mysteries and Sacred Egyptian Magick, secrets of Immortality, Death, Power and Control known only to the Pharaohs and Priests of the Ancient World. They were natural prodigies in all of the Dark Arts, excelling expeditiously at everything they did, becoming the youngest Masters Egypt had ever known at the mere age of 14; Twin High Priest and High Priestess with their own temples.

Reaching such an Elite level of excellence in the Magickal Arts at such a young age is remarkable, however, what most people don't think about is – what happens after you've Mastered your life's Passion? What happens when You have learned, understood, and experienced all that you humanly can?

They had everything they could possibly want in life – Mastery of their true Passion, Supreme Wealth, Luxury, Knowledge, Influence, Power, Followers and Fans – yet, their Thirst for even more Knowledge and Experience in the Dark Arts was unquenchable.

Their vast Knowledge and Expertise in the Dark Arts taught them that as humans, we are limited in what we as humans are capable of experiencing.

Fortunately their Mastery of the Book of the Dead opened up a Secret door into a life that is beyond a mortal existence, the door to Immortality.

The entire Immortal existence of Masu and Eshe has been spent exploring and relishing in all the miraculous splendour that Immortality offers – a concept that most all mortals cannot truly understand. For millennia they have exercised and strengthened their Supernatural Powers, attaining immeasurable Wealth, Power, and Control. There is nothing they cannot do.

As Immortals, they are truthfully the most Supremely Powerful, Impressively Wise, and Enthusiastic we have ever had the distinct honor of knowing. Their extraordinary prodigious nature and Sacred Royal Bloodline of antiquity gave them the Highest Influence, Admiration and Respect in mortal life, and as Immortals their Power, Knowledge and Dominance grew exponentially.

This relic has been tested and used extensively, proving just how fully capable Masu and Eshe truly are.

Dr. Romina found complete domain over all her endeavors, all her desires and wants. You too can Thrive and Master all that you wish.


.....and much more.

As Master of this relic, Masu and Eshe will be your Immortal associates, serving to empower and enrich your life with their Power.

They tirelessly use their infinite resources of Dark Magick so that you may Conquer and have complete domain over your future, just as Dr. Romina, the Illuminati, Assassins and those before them.

Squash all that comes in your way on the path to Greatness

No longer suppress your true wants and desires as a human on our Earthly plane. You know you are meant for so much more

Take control over your mortal life and overpower any and all obstacles with ease

Triumph over those who have ever made you feel as though you were inferior

Vanquish your fears and insecurities

Prevail over your shortcomings and govern your own Destiny the way you want it to be

With Masu and Eshe, you can finally kick the baggage of the human existence to the curb and become your own Master

If you have a strong will and are capable of owning such a piece, then this item may be the perfect addition to your life

This is the original piece of Dr. Romina

Thank you for your interest in this Metaphysical treasure. This is one of our most Elite items, and should be treated with respect

There may be a reason you stumbled upon this Ring. You found this Ring & that may be because you are being called to it.

You just may be on the verge of something life changing.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to thehauntedhive@gmail.com

We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.