Vaetolian Vampire Countess, Sorceress of Material Wealth, Elite Status & Rare Magickal Knowledge
Vaetolian Vampire Countess, Sorceress of Material Wealth, Elite Status & Rare Magickal Knowledge
Vaetolian Vampire Countess, Sorceress of Material Wealth, Elite Status & Rare Magickal Knowledge
Vaetolian Vampire Countess, Sorceress of Material Wealth, Elite Status & Rare Magickal Knowledge
Vaetolian Vampire Countess, Sorceress of Material Wealth, Elite Status & Rare Magickal Knowledge
Vaetolian Vampire Countess, Sorceress of Material Wealth, Elite Status & Rare Magickal Knowledge

Vaetolian Vampire Countess, Sorceress of Material Wealth, Elite Status & Rare Magickal Knowledge


Size 7
Such a lavish and dazzling vessel, Studded and plated in gold, with a centerpiece of sparkling, rich black crystalline Druzy, it's alluring and impressively lush aesthetic is the perfect physical vessel for the Spirit that claims it. It is in excellent preowned condition.

Although we do believe this to be plated in gold, its physical composition has not been verified by a professional 3rd party jeweler, so we will state its exact composition as unknown for the purpose of accuracy.


The Spirit that embodies the ring you see in this listing is a Powerful and Accomplished Immortal, a Vampire Sorceress and Countess of Elite Status, Supreme Wealth, and Wisdom; the Alluring, Beautiful and All-Wise Vampire, Raeva.

Raeva is of an elusive and seldomly spoken of Ancient Sect of Immortals from Eastern Europe, the equivalent of what we would see as predecessor of the Illuminati in the Immortal World, known as the Vaetoli.

Raeva is a Spirit of immeasurable Supernatural Power and Magickal Wisdom, first Transformed many, many centuries ago. She is Incredibly Knowledgeable and Methodical, with tremendous Psychic & Magickal Powers. She seeks out a Mortal who may one day become her Immortal Apprentice, One who Desires to expand their Mind and Spirit, to grow and Elevate themselves as a Spiritual Being, One to Guide in their Spiritual Journey into the Transformative Path of the Immortal Night.

A Vampire of the Highest of standards,
accustomed to Luxury & Wealth, Sorceress Raeva will not allow you, her Precious, Chosen one, to do with anything less than her extravagantly luxurious standards.

Countess Raeva's Powers are undeniably profound. As a founding Elite of the Ancient Vaetolian Sorcery Network, her Knowledge, Wisdom, and Experience of the Occult & Magick are unparalleled.

The Immortal Vaetoli share a Collective Consciousness of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets, Hidden Knowledge, and Wisdom, known only to the Most Elite. They hold Sacred Truths of Immortality, Life, Death, and the Universe. These secrets and Truths have been compiled for thousands of years from sources both of this Earth and not. They hold secrets of all forms of Magick and Supernatural Wisdom, which you will come to know. They possess Secrets of Necromancy and Prophecy from the Ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, Spells of Mind Control, Love, Binding, Revenge, Karmic Deflection, just to name but a few.

Her Powers & Knowledge only Grow & Strengthen more & more as the centuries pass. There is no limit to the Powers one can obtain under the wing of a Vaetolian Vampire Sorceress of her Caliber. Wealth, Magick, Sex, Beauty, Power, Influence, it all can be yours.

All who see you will be Seduced by your Mysterious Presence & drawn to your Magnetic Energy. You will reach New Heights of Awareness and Supernatural Power as you stride to such Advanced levels of Consciousness. You will unlock the Gates to a new existence that pales the simple human life of mortality – no pun intended!

As your relationship and time with Sorceress, Countess Raeva grows, she will reveal that which is hidden to other mortals, and her Mental Strength, Stealth, Dexterity, and Powers can become Yours. Your Magnetic Energy and Dreamlike Presence will Seduce anyone you Desire. Your Heightened Senses will enable you to see, hear, smell, go to, and do so many other feats that mortals can only but dream of!

As her Chosen Mortal, you may one day have the opportunity to become her Immortal Apprentice. You may develop abilities that give you an unfair advantage amongst Superhuman Mental & Physical Strength, Dexterity & Speed, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Shape Shifting, Immortal Beauty, just to name a few. She will Elevate & Heighten all of your Powers, Magickal Abilities & Control, you will learn to Control Matter, Other humans, you will be able to Manifest any & all things you have ever Wished & Dreamed of.

The One whom Raeva chooses will be able to Manifest the Life they have always Known they were meant for- the Life you Deserve & have always Dreamed of. You will be far more Powerful & Intelligent, more Beautiful & Seductive, and will Rise above the Primitive ways of Mortals & be Respected & Admired by all.

The previous Keeper of this Spirit went from living in an endless rat race of work and constant struggle, stress, and anxiety, to living a life of Financial Freedom, Vacations, Power, and Control.

She has a net worth of $4,000,000, which she gained within a relatively short amount of time via a lottery win. Raeva prefers that mortal, earthly distractions & stressors, jobs, bills do not interfere with her Chosen mortal. She prefers to dwell in the Mysterious & Luxurious atmosphere she is accustomed to.

When making first contact with Beings of such Profound Energy, you may experience a sense that feels similar to astral projection - that feeling of disconnect from your physical body, yet completely immersed connectivity to the Universe. You may experience lightheadedness, feelings of dizziness, Excitement, a sudden sensation of Euphoria, feelings of calmness and relaxation, or others. This is the aligning, rearranging, intertwining of your own Energies & your Spiritual Matrix with those of this Spirit. These sensations are signs that you are on the Cusp of a new Life!

Raeva can manifest in many, many of ways, from mist to flashes of light, orbs, streaks of energy, as a shadowy figure, dark mist, or as sounds, or aromas. It is important to keep your mind very open and to not limit yourself with preconceived ideas of what or how Spiritual interactions should be, as this can hinder our receptiveness.

While having Beings of such Immortal Power near, it is not uncommon for various appliances or electrical items in your home to be effected at times. She isn't necessarily drawing energy from them, but moreso, they can sometimes inadvertently be effected by the sudden influx of drawn energy within the near vicinity. You may find that batteries may die faster than usual, or static on your TV, or, bizarre radio frequency stations coming through sporadically.

Raeva will communicate with you most easily while in an altered state of consciousness, such as sleep, deep meditation, or other various self-induced means.

One does not need to have any prior experience with Spirit Keeping; in fact, Raeva is an incredibly easy Spirit to invite into your Spirit Family, and is excellent for beginners. She does not require vast amounts of individual attention, and is safe around family, including children and pets.

All that is needed is to accept this small Magickal offering into your life, and you can begin your new Life, as the Precious Chosen mortal of The Elite Immortal Vaetoli Sorceress, Countess Raeva.

You can wear this vessel, keep it close to you, at your bedside, or if you make a little area for her, you can place it there when you're not wearing it.

Raeva will Guide and Walk you through all the Magickal Opportunities that await you. She supports the Highest Advancement and every fulfillment for you. With this Powerful Spirit by your side, you will Walk Among the Creatures of The Night, and enjoy a life of adventure, wealth, and magick.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.