Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick
Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick
Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick
Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick
Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick
Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick
Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick
Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick
Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick
Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick

Victorian Gold Templar Genetic Code 12 Strand DNA Relic, Angelic White Light Sorcery & Freemason Magick


This is an elaborately handmade offering which we are thrilled to share with you. This antique Victorian thimble has been used for many years – we believe at least l25 years, dating it to around 1890. Given its age and level of high use, we believe this to be gilded with real gold as there is not much for patina or oxidation, as is characteristic with real gold. Most all other metals would show a great amount of patina in something of this age and level of use. However, it has not been analyzed by an independent professional 3rd party jeweler, so although we strongly believe it to be made of gold – or at the least plated in a high Quality thicker layer of gold (thick enough to withstand 100+ years of the body's natural effects of wear upon it from exposing the potential inner or base metal), we are starting its Compositional attributes as unknown for the purpose of accuracy – however, it is well worth its antique and Occult Value.



For your consideration we present a truly unique piece unlike any other we have ever had.

This stunning, antique relic was owned and used by a Powerful Sorceress of White Light, a White Witch of high regard and Success, and Wife of a Freemason, from the old, New England coast. Together, they made this incredible little one of a kind Metaphysical relic, using her Supreme Power of White Light, and his Sacred Freemason Magick. It is a piece of Angelic Enrichment and Spiritual Regeneration that fills the mind, body, and spirit with white light, Angelic energies of Celestial Purity that is Angelic DNA, reactivating the Templar 12 strand genetic code.

Each of us has our own personal Divine blueprint in our DNA; a unique and beautiful lineage encoding who we are physically and spiritually. These 2 strands hold the programming for our bodies, our physical, chemical body and its perfect imperfections. However, most of our DNA – according to science, is “junk".

“Junk” DNA or non-coding DNA accounts for 95-98% (depending upon the source) of out total DNA, and, according to accepted Science – does not contain instructions (encode protein sequences) for the development of the form of any organism.

Seems a bit odd that 95-98% of our DNA is wasted space according to modern science, as this contradicts the idea that unnecessary, wasteful things are left behind In the dusts of time in Nature in the Theory of Evolution.

Did you know that our life on Earth originally began with 12 strands of DNA? There was a disconnect thousands of years ago, as documented by the highly Intelligent, advanced Civilization of the Sumerians, in their extensive tablets of the Anunnaki star beings – leaving us only the double helix of 2 strands, the rest remaining latent, ethereal strands.

Thus, we live in a society where people are stressed, unhappy, depressed, anxious, worried, we create wars, we have difficulty with love, as we have a broken connection with the Universe. Most require an extensive accumulation of meditation to experience Spiritual Awakening and profound Spiritual epiphanies.

Think of all that just these 2 strands hold. Now, imagine all that is held within the latent 10. Hard to imagine, right?

DNA activation means that all 12 strands operate properly. Each activated strand leads to developing abilities at higher capacities.

There are so many benefits of 12 strand reactivation of our Templar genetic code. Those who have reactivated their 12 strands have reported an impressive array of benefits.

  • Improved cellular metabolism 
  • Desire to consume pure foods and water
  • Decreased desire to consume junk
  • Detoxification
  • Improved digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients
  • Reduction or elimination of chronic health issues such as food allergies, diabetes, and chronic pain
  • Increased vitality and energy
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Transcending negative inner monolog 
  • Reducing the aging process 
  • Improved memory 
  • Mental clarity
  • Increased Self-love
  • Increased Compassion
  • Increased Patience 
  • Healing of past emotional and psychological traumas and issues
  • Healed relationships 
  • Confidence
  • Leadership 
  • Increased Awareness 
  • Higher wisdom
  • Remembering and Understanding Dreams 
  • Awakening Multidimensional Consciousness 
  • Spiritual Awakening 
  • Unlearned Knowledge 
  • Knowing your soul’s purpose
  • Found Purpose
  • Enhanced connectivity to living things
  • Enhanced connectivity to the Universe 
  • Awakening/developing psychic, extrasensory gifts 
  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience
  • Past life recollection
  • Lucid dreaming 
  • Increased Sensitivity to Energies
  • Understanding of Energies & how to use them
  • Spiritual Communication
  • Visions of the Past and/or Future

Some scientific researchers have conducted testing and controlled experiments, but the funding and approval for such is extremely limited, restricted, and more often than not, denied completely, so most evidence found is what is called anecdotal – personal testimonies and accounts based off of one's own experience, not data collected in a controlled setting of a research lab or the like. Why? Because the Governments of the world, pharmaceutical companies, and the mainstream Medical industry care more about their own pockets than the actual health of the individual. They make the most money not if you're dead, and not when you're healthy – but by keeping us sick – mentally, emotionally, and physically. This is where religion steps in – some with the best interests of humankind, but others – not so much, using our multidimensional sickness that wears most down spiritually, to their advantage.

This piece connects you with your 12 strands, reactivating the Angelic DNA in us and clearing the way for the vital expansion of our abilities.

Although we all only use 2 strands, we all have 12-Strand DNA potential within us, what is known as the Templar genetic code (also referred to as Holy Grail, Kristiac, Cristiac, Christic genetic code). This will give you the Angelic DNA needed to reconnect with and reactivate the 12 strands of the Holy Grail code, giving you the Ability to fully embody the Eternal Life Currents within your physical, chemical body.

When wearing this gilded, golden treasure, you can literally feel these Powerful, White Energies entering your body, through each and every beating pulse. These energies are those which come directly from the Celestial Angelic, creating a circuitous flow of one of the purest essences of White Light Energy, that is Angelic DNA.

As this is upon your finger, you will undergo full cellular transmutation. The Angelic DNA will course through the veins of your Spirit down to a Cellular level, filling your Spiritual and Physical bodies with Positively charged White Light, returning you to the state of existence you are meant to be.

You will Strengthen your DNA, clearing away unwanted debris from your DNA structure as vibratory levels increase for spiritual and personal development, cleansing genetic Karma patterns up to 5 generations in the past and future. You will find a dramatic increase in your Energy, Focus, Memory, Clarity, opening the door to hidden abilities, talents and natural skills – both Psychic and not, healing the brain and body in ways Science, the Medical industry, BigPharma, and the Government do not want us to know about.

As you go through the reactivation process to unlock your Templar genetic code, you will experience a complete Spiritual evolution, a transformation of the Spiritual Matrix. This restorative rejuvenation will endow you with capabilities of miraculous White Magick. You will be able to perform miracles for yourself, but you must also do so for others. The more you do unto others, the more you can do for yourself. These can be miracles of any form, big and small – they can be miracles of Money, Rekindled Love, Success, whatever is a miracle for you or another.

Simply place it upon your finger, and the Angelic DNA will flow. There are no rituals to perform to begin use, all this has already been done for you.

As you reactivate your 12 strand Templar genetic code, you may notice a tingling in the head (crown chakra), lightheadedness, dizziness, sensory overload, a spontaneous physical or emotional healing, all of which are normal and to be expected. This is the Angelic DNA and the Magick of this piece doing its job, creating a greater opening for connection with your Higher Self.

You will strengthen and reinforce while expanding your energy field so that channels can open, thus allowing a deep understanding and connectivity to all that is – it may take a while to open the channels or it can happen instantly, as we evolve continuously, learning and evolving constantly, we develop incessantly.

You will align with the Reconnective Frequencies of the Earth and her energy gridlines, enabling spiritual and evolutionary advancement. You will bring your True purpose into alignment, and become empowered to achieve that purpose.

Permanently forge the deepest of all connections with your self and all that is. Experience Healing, Life, and your own Being – your own existence – beyond anything you've ever known, beyond anything you've ever read, thought, and dreamed.

The White Light Sorceress and Freemason Created this together many years ago – appropriately c1890, to help others in their time, and in the future. Their Magick Blessed them with a Spiritual Awakening unlike anything they had ever known, a connection to the Universe within themselves that opened their eyes for the first time, in which all other prior experiences paled in comparison. They could manifest they desired, creating miracles – the home of their dreams, Success in their Magickal and Financial endeavors, and an Abundance of Wealth in all forms – a Spiritual Wealth and Material Wealth they shared with others, and continue to share to this day in their memory through this precious relic.

Now, you have the opportunity to reactivate your Templar genetic code, reactivating who you are on a very deep, soul level, who you are as a Spiritual Being, your True Purpose, your True Path.

Now is the time to light the spark that ignites the engine of your Templar genetic code, the light that activates the latent seeds of the DNA’s strands.

Simply purchasing this small treasure, you are actively taking the first step to reactivating, reconnecting, and rediscovering your True Self, as you are meant to be. This small step is but a big leap, to becoming who you truly are, finding what you seek. You are actively reaching out to your own Innermost Self, who you are within the Universe. You are not “taking the wheel", but rather, initiating the reintegration into the wheel and becoming the wheel itself as it is the Universal fluid that is us all.

If you feel intuitively pulled or energetically drawn to any of our Magickals, know that we are here to offer these relics to all, regardless of one's economic status. You can be assured, we treat all offers with respect and dignity, and openly invite you to submit your offer to
We believe that everyone deserves to have Positive and Profound Metaphysical experiences, and it is our mission to serve fellow Truth Seekers and Spirit Keepers; to awaken and inspire the Magick in others, one person at a time.