Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods
Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods
Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods
Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods
Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods
Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods
Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods
Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods
Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods
Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods

Villanovan Sacred Oracles - Wisdom & Power of the Gods

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For your consideration, we present this impressive openwork medallion of Exceptional craftsmanship. Centered around a large, rich emerald hued cabochon is very fine golden metalwork; intricate, curled ropes layered to create a visually stunning three-dimensional composition. Four sunken Pearl accents symmetrically draw the eye to the centre, and four vivid emerald hued gemstones are set just to the left of each of the four elemental corners. It is of unknown age and composition, though we believe it to date from the 1950’s – 1960’s. There are signs of age and use.


Most of you know, that one thing Rome was supremely great at was gaining Power. However, the Greatness of Rome was not always so. There was a time when what we know as Rome was not much more than pretty landscapes and the sporadic farmer.

The birth of Rome came from the vastly, grossly understated Ancient Civilization of the Villanova, who are also referred to as, and the precursor of the Etruscans. Although History has given them two different labels, the Villanovan and Etruscans were not separate people, rather, they were one in the same. The name “Villanovan” is simply a label of convenience used by historians and archaeologists, referring to the culture's early years during the Iron Age, and “Etruscan" refers to the later years, up to their cultural assimilation into what became Rome. One would assume that Proto and Proper Villanovan/Etruscan would be adequately sufficient labels, but that is neither here nor there when it comes to this piece.

Flourishing during the Iron Age in Italy, the Villanova civilization blossomed much earlier in time and with a much higher material culture than other indigenous peoples of Italy. They were an intelligent, advanced culture of farmer-warriors that originally conceived, birthed, and developed what are now the large Italian cities we know today; skilled and dedicated artisans of high quality metalwork who prospered in Abundance in every way. They were a rich culture, developing a complex society of separate Elite classes, whose more civilized Etruscan rulers imprinted massive influence upon the Romans’ writing, art, architecture, infrastructure (water/sewage), religion, military, entertainment (what became the Romans' gladiatorial combat) and much more, shaping Rome as we know it.

As advanced and influential as other cultures of the world have been, the Post Villanovan, Etruscan Proper culture Is, in our opinion, the most dominant of all – Achieving historical Immortality. For, it is the original ideas and culture of the Villanova (that Rome later took credit for) that has literally influenced all Western culture for over 2,000 years.

How did the Villanova go on to evolve into the most dominant Empire the world has ever known? The Oracles of the Ancient Villanovan Priests of Etruria; Sacred and very mysterious objects that came into the possession of the Villanovan Priesthood.

The Oracles revealed to them the Knowledge and Understanding of The Gods. Knowledge of the Esoteric Currents, the Code of the Stars, Unraveling the web of lower vibrations, maneuvering the labyrinth to Divine Consciousness. They understood the Gods' active role in the world of man, the natural Magick that exists all around us, and how these can be persuaded and influenced, to influence human affairs.

These Revelations gave the Villanovan Power unlike any that had ever been before – Power that immortalized their culture by shaping all of late Ancient and Modern history, with Wealth Magick rivaled by none. It gave them Otherworldly, Divine Knowledge of all that is Unseen and Seen, the Wisdom of the Gods. They had the Power of Control and Influence all things, be it Earthly, Celestial, Spiritual or otherwise. The Revelations expedited the Strength and Virility of their culture into Prosperity and Abundance, and catapulted the very Essence of the Villanova people and their culture into the next 2,000 years and beyond.

These Divine Truths were written down in a series of grimoires, a series of mysterious sacred books. These books were secret, only to be consulted by the Highest Order of Villanovan Priests.

The origins of the oracles are unknown to all outsiders, however, they are said to be “of the sky". Some theorize the priests were visited by the Anunnaki, like the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Hopi, and given these Sacred objects, while others theorize these objects are meteorites.

The Oracles themselves were hidden by the Early Roman Elite thousands of years ago, buried with the Ancient Villanovan Priests. Their location is known only by those very rare, elite few that have possessed the Sacred texts.

Just as those holding the highest positions of Power in Rome have long withheld the Ancient texts containing their Secrets, so too will you with this piece.

We came to have this piece through a small, private Underground event – a formal, largely informative meeting, and Auction, tucked away in the hills of Italy, organized by our contacts with Vatican ties. This piece was part of a series of Magickals from their Collective, lengthy operative endeavor between them.

Serving as a conduit to the Power of the Villanova, it is a database, codex, and power portal to the Villanovan Oracles and the Sacred Texts.

To use this, there is an activation mechanism you must perform. This simple yet Powerful ritual activates the eternal link that has been Metaphysically bound, opening the drawbridge to the Villanovan and unveiling all that resides within its fortress. Revealed to you will be the Wealth Magick and Wisdom of the Gods; you too will attain Otherworldly, Divine Knowledge of all that is Unseen and Seen. You will have the Power of Control and Influence upon all things, building your future with Strength and Virility, as you live a life of pure Prosperity and Abundance worthy of the Gods.

  1. Place it around your neck
  2. Light a white candle
  3. Hold the medallion facing upwards with both hands, using your pointer fingers and thumbs, with the other fingers spread outward
  4. Positioning the medallion so that it is parallel to the floor, wave it in a clockwise circle around the flame, beginning at a 12:00 position
  5. Repeat step 4 going counterclockwise.
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