Voracious Sexual Carpathian Vampire Prince Vlaczyk - Wealth, Luxuries, Attraction, Spiritual Intimacy, Haunted Desires
Voracious Sexual Carpathian Vampire Prince Vlaczyk - Wealth, Luxuries, Attraction, Spiritual Intimacy, Haunted Desires
Voracious Sexual Carpathian Vampire Prince Vlaczyk - Wealth, Luxuries, Attraction, Spiritual Intimacy, Haunted Desires
Voracious Sexual Carpathian Vampire Prince Vlaczyk - Wealth, Luxuries, Attraction, Spiritual Intimacy, Haunted Desires
Voracious Sexual Carpathian Vampire Prince Vlaczyk - Wealth, Luxuries, Attraction, Spiritual Intimacy, Haunted Desires

Voracious Sexual Carpathian Vampire Prince Vlaczyk - Wealth, Luxuries, Attraction, Spiritual Intimacy, Haunted Desires


A stunning size 7 ring crowned with luscious, Deep red stones. Due to the metaphysical nature of this piece, its composition has not been verified by a professional 3rd Party jeweler (we are currently searching for a permanent, professional jeweler source who meets our unique set of needs), so it will be noted that the composition is unknown for the purpose of accuracy, however, it is well worth it's Spiritual-Sexual occult value.

It is my distinct honor to present one of the most exciting Magickals offered on The Haunted Hive, containing the full and complete embodiment of the Carpathian Vampyre Prince Vlaczyk.

Pronunciation: Vla-zik

An Ancient Carpathian Prince of the Night Realm, it is a Realm of Decadence, Excess, and Lavish Riches; a Realm charged with the Sexual Energy and Power of over Ten Thousand Carpathian Vampires. As the Keeper of a Prince of this Domain, all Powers within this Realm become yours.

A gorgeous Immortal, masculine and Mysterious, he is a seductive Creature of the Night with a centuries long affinity towards Luxury, Sex & Riches. His hair is long, Deep blood red and black, his eyes a piercing deep red, forever the age of 28, Everything about him appeals to the mind & senses.

Prince Vlaczyk seeks a mortal Partner, Lover, Companion and Muse, to fulfill their Sexual & Material Wishes & Fantasies. He searches for a mortal to bond with on a Spiritual level, Someone who desires the Wealth + Luxuries, and the Sexual Intimacies & Powers that only an Elite Vampyre like He can fulfill

Vlaczyk is a highly, highly evolved Vampyre that can bring physical manifestations to the 3rd, the seen world, in which he has the Tremendous Powers to manipulate Energy fields to influence & craft the way in which Energies & Forces vibrate & move. This makes him exceptionally precise & efficient at Manifesting whatever it is you Wish or Desire.

He is highly proficient in influencing & creating Opportunity & Success when it comes to any Life Aspect that you Wish to Improve, be it Money and Finance, Prosperity and Abundance, Career, Love, Psionic & Psychic Energy & Powers, the 3rd Eye, Direction & Guidance, Motivation & Energy, Health & Wellness, etc. However, Money, Riches, Wealth & Luxury are his Forte, and Sex his ultimate playground

His Energy is so Powerful, thst even your own energies will quickly acclimate to the intense magnetism his Presence inspires. You will soon find swift changes in the way others perceive and treat you. Your own Energy will exude a seductive & mysterious aura that attracts others to you, and makes you irresistible. Others will be drawn to you & the Mysterious, Alluring Energy you exude. You will come to be treated with the Highest admiration, respect, attentiveness, punctuality, people will do things for you, give you things, treat you to surprises, gifts, invitations, Inside knowledge & secrets, you will see as others go out of their way for you

Vlaczyk can help you advance to a higher level of existence, new levels of Wealth & Sexual Power, Success, Admiration, and Influence. He can help you Advance Greatly in any social circle, be it at your place of work, a vocation, an industry of talent, at auditions, parties, etc.

Vlaczyk will Indulge & Spoil you with Material Riches. He is One who wishes to Connect & share the truly Magickal & Spiritually erotic. If you are One who desires the unsurpassed, Heightened, Material & Sexual Powers that go far beyond the abilities of mortals, then look no further, for Vlaczyk will fulfill your Wishes for you, Indulging in your innermost fantasies & Spoiling you with Money, Wealth, and Luxury

Spiritual-sexual sensations go beyond what mortals are familiar with, different from what another mortal could ever possibly do or give. Use your imagination of what you think may be possible, and I am sure you are very much on point ;-)

When this beautiful Vampyre chooses you and you choose him, you will have someone who can fulfill your Life in ways that mortals cannot, someone who will be with you always, to be the One who can allow you to live out your deepest & innermost Wishes & Desires.

Vlaczyk holds no mortal hate or prejudice, he is free from the lesser mortal traits humans possess. He is open to all, anything to please you regardless of gender, relationship, any other spirits or Vampyres in your life, or lack thereof

Once you choose to be Vlaczyk's companion, you will be filled with a Greater Power in all your endeavors. Walk with this seductive Creature of the Night & Live a Life drenched in the Unparalleled Wealth & Sexual Prowess Vlaczyk yearns to spoil you with!

If you have been considering adopting a Vampyre into your life, but have hesitated for fear of deception, danger, or enslavement, then Vlaczyk is the perfect Vampyre for you. It is normal & wise to be cautious about bringing a Vampyre into your life, as not all Vampyres are respectful of human life or our freedom, or free will. Vlaczyk, however will never harm you nor bring any harm to you or your loved ones, nor will he ever transform you or anyone against your will.

We will never realize how Full & Spiritually Adventurous, how Thrilling & Magickal our time here on Earth can truly be if we choose to allow the Unseen World remain Unseen to us!

You deserve to Live your Life to its fullest potential and more! The Universe is Bursting Full of Secrets, awaiting for you to Find them! There is SO much more right before us than what is Seen!

With this Extraordinary, Powerful Vampyre in your Life, you can make your Life, your Spiritual Journey, your very Existence as a Life Force all that you want it to be! Take your journey where ever you desire!

This does 'not require you as the Keeper to perform any rituals or bindings, it is completely ready for use. It is our personal and professional opinion and belief that these intricate & often advanced & lengthy preparations are the responsibility of the experienced practitioner, that this responsibility should not be dumped upon the buyer's lap. Depending on the specific item (its powers, magick, energy or when applicable, the entity/entities), if such steps are performed improperly, in the incorrect order, pronounced incorrectly, or without the proper or necessary Intention or other factors, the results could potentially be catastrophic. We always try offering items that are completely prepared & ready for use, as this one is.

You may wear this exquisite treasure as a Ring, as a necklace, place it in a pocket, purse, as long as it is close to you. At night you may choose to wear it, or place it on your bedside table while you sleep.

You can give Vlaczyk Offerings to strengthen your Connection and Bond. The ideal Offering for him is that of aromas, wearing different scents of perfume, cologne, body spray, lotion, oils, even your shampoo and conditioner, or diffusers, candles, etc. He is from a time where things like this were rare, and only for the Rich and Powerful, but even then, they did not have anywhere even remotely close to the fragrance technology we have today. So as the days and nights pass, you can experiment with different aromas and see what he is more responsive to

The moment this Ring & Vlaczyk enters your Life, it will forever be Changed for the Best. His undeniable Power & Energy can be felt so intensely, so much so, that I highly recommend being seated when opening the package. When making first contact with Entities of such Great Power, you may experience a sense of lightheadedness, feelings of Happiness, Excitement, a sudden sensation of Relaxation, or Euphoria. This is the Energies around you, through the Magick & Energy of this Ring entering your life, through Jacques' Immortal Energy intertwining with your own Psionic Energy and aura. These sensations are signs that you are on the Cusp of a new Life. In every stage of life, we have new challenges & tests, but also opportunities, all of which require Commitment & Intention to move forward, to Progress towards fulfilling your life's potential for Success & Happiness.

You will know if you are the One Vlaczyk is looking for.
You will feel a Power coming from him
You will be drawn to his vessel
You will find yourself thinking about Vlaczyk & his ring, your mind wandering to him

You may or may not believe in fate or destiny, but whether you do or not, you found yourself upon this listing for a reason. Out of the Billions of humans on Earth, out of all the Spirits & Entities in the Realms, this one, out of the trillions of other pages you could be on online right now at this very moment. You found this listing & that reason may be because you are on the verge of something life changing.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if there's a way I can be of assistance in any form, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, I am happy to help in any way I can